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Yodel’s rubbish excuse for failing to deliver vintage guitar bought off eBay

I opened a case with eBay but was refused a refund because Yodel provided false tracking information after putting my guitar in the bin Last July I purchased a £250 vintage guitar on eBay for a forthcoming concert tour. When it failed to arrive I contacted the seller and he sent me the tracking information which read, “delivered to neighbour, 3 August”.

Tesco credit card won’t refund my deposit – paid for car I never received

Deposits by credit card for goods not received should always be refunded – but Tesco Bank shows tenuous grasp of Consumer Credit Act I think your readers should be aware that Tesco Bank consider all deposits paid by its credit card to be non-refundable and uses that as an excuse to avoid paying a refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. I paid a deposit of £100 using my Tesco Credit Card for the purchase of a second-hand car.

Lloyds no help when stolen bank details used for payday loan

Payday lender Lending Stream refunded £500 but bank claims it couldn’t be sure that case was fraud In May I noticed three apparently random sums had been removed from my Lloyds bank account. They turned out to be payments to a short-term loans company called Lending Stream, yet I have never applied for or received such a loan

T-Mobile set bailiffs on me for imaginary phone contract

Change from pay-as-you-go to monthly mobile deal led to double the bills – and an unwanted sex change In April I changed my phone from pay-as-you-go to a monthly contract with T-Mobile. I did this through Phones4U, which notified T-Mobile to transfer my old number to my new phone.

Barclays takes PPI payments and fails to address claim

PPI paperwork sent to the wrong address caused delays and confusion in a seemingly straightforward claim On 21 March I telephoned Barclays to pursue a possible PPI claim. I was sent a questionnaire to submit and on 14 May Barclays sent me a copy of its “Full Resolution”, but addressed it to the house from which my late husband and I had moved four years previously

How do I prove my PPI case when Lloyds denies my loans exist?

I am still repaying £100 a month and believe I have been missold I was self-employed and took business loans from Lloyds TSB with payment protection insurance (PPI). In 2006, the lease of my workshop ran out and the landlord increased the rent to a level I couldn’t afford.

BA’s wedding gift was a ruined suitcase and an unpaid refund

We flew back from honeymoon on BA – but our suitcase only arrived 36 hours later minus jewellery, perfume and lingerie After 25 years together my partner and I had our wedding and honeymoon in Rome last November. On the way back I told the BA check-in staff that we’d just got married and the woman said she would put an orange priority label on my luggage.

PPI refund delays from Lloyds TSB persist

Lloyds’ customers still suffering lengthy delays, and mounting frustration, in obtaining PPI refunds Since I wrote about the length of time Lloyds is taking to pay agreed PPI refunds more readers have sent us their complaints and I have passed these on to Lloyds to investigate. In 2011 banks agreed £1bn in PPI refunds.