Yodel’s rubbish excuse for failing to deliver vintage guitar bought off eBay

I opened a case with eBay but was refused a refund because Yodel provided false tracking information after putting my guitar in the bin Last July I purchased a £250 vintage guitar on eBay for a forthcoming concert tour. When it failed to arrive I contacted the seller and he sent me the tracking information which read, “delivered to neighbour, 3 August”.

Tesco credit card won’t refund my deposit – paid for car I never received

Deposits by credit card for goods not received should always be refunded – but Tesco Bank shows tenuous grasp of Consumer Credit Act I think your readers should be aware that Tesco Bank consider all deposits paid by its credit card to be non-refundable and uses that as an excuse to avoid paying a refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. I paid a deposit of £100 using my Tesco Credit Card for the purchase of a second-hand car.

Lloyds no help when stolen bank details used for payday loan

Payday lender Lending Stream refunded £500 but bank claims it couldn’t be sure that case was fraud In May I noticed three apparently random sums had been removed from my Lloyds bank account. They turned out to be payments to a short-term loans company called Lending Stream, yet I have never applied for or received such a loan

T-Mobile set bailiffs on me for imaginary phone contract

Change from pay-as-you-go to monthly mobile deal led to double the bills – and an unwanted sex change In April I changed my phone from pay-as-you-go to a monthly contract with T-Mobile. I did this through Phones4U, which notified T-Mobile to transfer my old number to my new phone.