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Employment Situation

Employment Situation The employment situation is a set of labor market indicators based on two separate surveys in this one report. The unemployment rate equals the number of unemployed persons divided by the total number of persons in the labor force, which comes from a survey of 60,000 households (this is called the household survey)

The ‘flexible’ jobs market is broken

Flexibility is touted as the end-goal for a competitive economy but the reality isn’t as pretty as the theory as government meddling has killed incentives to hire employees permanently. Obamacare and uncertainty has accelerated a huge shift to temp agencies, the WSJ reports today

Report: Australian hiring expectations have improved

Ahead of the employment figures due from Australia today (preview here and Adam’s here ), a report in the Australian Financial Review on a recruitment firm survey which “found that after 14 quarters of deterioration, Australian hiring expectations have improved, with 23.4 per cent of businesses set to take on more staff next quarter – the first improvement since the September quarter of 2010″ cautious optimism amongst employers organisations in Australia are continuing to focus on business transformation and reskilling their workforces professional services the strongest employment outlook for the first quarter of 2014, followed by technology Also, the intention to decrease current head counts has dropped 2.6 percentage points to 11.2% Employment expectations in the resources and mining sector are up in both Western Australia and in Queensland, despite the investment phase of the mining boom coming to an end The article goes on, with some sanguine views: JPMorgan chief economist Stephen Walters believes that employment conditions are set to worsen Thinks the jobless rate will be higher this year (JPMorgan forecasts unemployment will reach 6.5% by mid-year) Says – “We’ve seen business confidence really slump again after the post-election bounce, so business is still in quite a cautious mood … “Employment growth is just unlikely to be exceeding population growth in any sustained way.” Australian Financial Review (gated): More hiring, less firing likely in 2014: report

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America all hiring FX dealers

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and others are hiring FX dealers , taking on Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Barclays and JPMorgan Chase as volumes and volatility increase and the regulatory environment is seen as more favourable. Banks are seeking  larger share of the market