Majority of economists back Federal Reserve policy on US economy

NABE interviewed 257 economists on Fed policy 53% said Fed stimulus programmes on right track A majority of economists believe the Federal Reserve is doing the right things to help repair the US economy, according to a survey released on Monday by the National Association of Business Economists (NABE). The survey also showed that a vast majority of economists believe the US economy is at little risk of inflation in the coming years

Yellen doesn’t matter anymore

Yellen’s message to the forex market in her speech was “As you were” Of course her speeches matter and there will eventually come a day when she says something that rattles the market but for right now she’s marginalized herself. Yellen is almost aiming to be the most boring central banker in history.

US unemployment doesn’t tell the whole story says Fed’s Lockhart

Is a little more cautious on growth than FOMC Not so concerned we’re going to see a rapid gain in inflation Wants to see a few more months of good data Says if we see very strong data the first rate hike could move forward The Fed mob are earning their corn today doing the new channel rounds as Dennis does CNBC The market is all central banked out right now though and there’s no effect on the dollar.