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Constancio: Extraordinary policy cannot be considered lightly

Inflation target os  is for longer than one year ECB was surprised by very low March inflation Situation is of great concern ECB needs to see if inflation scenario has changed ECB unanimity of unconventional tools is very important France should comply with fiscal commitments made Adam hit the nail on the head below. It’s a waiting game and you get the feeling that the ECB only want to hit the button in an emergency

ECB’s Yves Mersch says he considers supporting SME lending appropriate

Stress tests shouldn’t be diluted by national interests Prudential filters must be used uniformly Still the ECB haven’t laid any concrete plans to get lending through to the real economy but as Draghi stated earlier this week it’s as much a problem of demand as it is supply

OMT is within our mandate and fully legal says Draghi

ECB subject to jurisdiction of ECJ View low inflation for protracted period of time Length of time of low inflation not unprecedented Most of downward path in core inflation is mostly down to price adjustment in programme countries This shows that in part this is a one off effect This is a big key point in ECB thinking and as far as I can recall it’s the first time he’s talked in detail about the moves in core inflation.

Financial markets rattled by cold war fears

The Charge of the Light Brigade hasn’t begun quite yet, but the prospect of another war in the Crimean peninsula looms over the financial markets this morning. Safe havens like the dollar and the yen are seeing strong inflows, while equity bourses look likely to take a beating after the opening bell.

ECB is increasingly signalling it is ready to take action

Quotes from Danske bank: Having sent a mixed message for some time, the ECB is increasingly signalling it is ready to take action. Since the February meeting, it has worked on the 2016 inflation forecast – a crucial input to its decision at the March meeting

Christine Lagarde thinks the troika got it wrong on Greece? If only she knew | Alex Andreou

The IMF chief’s admission that the wrong solutions were applied to the crisis seems crass, given what Greeks are suffering On Thursday, Christine Lagarde made some comments in an interview for Australia’s ABC which have passed largely unreported, Greece no longer being the crisis en vogue . She admitted that the troika – the entity consisting of the European commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, of which Lagarde is the head – was mistaken in its calculations initially and that this led to the wrong economic solutions being applied to the Greek crisis