In Moscow, Syrian minister says Russia promises aid

AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria’s foreign minister said in Moscow on Monday Russia had promised to send political, economic and military aid to his country, where the army is coming under some of the heaviest pressure since the start of the civil war.

Can Tunisia save its tourist industry?

Tunisia is reeling as tourists flee the country in their thousands after a gun deadly gun attack, leaving many locals fearful that their livelihoods are going with them. As Hayley Platt reports tourism accounts for a sixth of the country’s GDP.

Greece crisis: a disaster for Athens and a colossal failure for the EU

After three crises in as many days, the collective performance of the eurozones governments inspires little hope or confidence in their crisis management Five years from its inception, the world’s biggest bailout of a sovereign state will grind to an excruciating halt on Tuesday, theoretically leaving Greece high and dry and on its own under a leftwing government bitterly accusing the EU elite of deliberately using the country as a neo-liberal laboratory.