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Steady growth in UK retail sales – CBI

Retail sales continued to grow steadily in the year to May, for the sixth consecutive month, although at a slower pace than in April, according to the CBI’s latest Quarterly Distributive Trades Survey. The survey of 136 firms showed that retailers expect a faster rise in sales next month, and exp…

UK: Strong growth in manufacturing sector

Manufacturing order books remained robust and output growth accelerated in February, according to the latest CBI Industrial Trends Survey. The survey of 380 manufacturers found that total order books improved slightly on January, although they remained below levels recorded in November and Decemb…

British exit from EU may scare off foreign investors, admits Vince Cable

Business secretary says foreign manufacturing giants have approached the government with concerns about UK quitting Vince Cable has admitted that the government is battling to reassure foreign investors who are increasingly worried about a potential British exit from the European Union. The business secretary has told worried companies that there is a 5% chance Britain will leave.

Japan turns off last nuclear reactor amid fears of surge in gas prices

A survey by the business group the CBI found that around 95% of British business leaders are worried about the cost of energy Japan will switch off its last nuclear reactor on Monday, amid fears that a growing dependence on gas imports there could push up electricity bills in the UK. Kansai Electric Power’s only functioning reactor was scheduled to be disconnected from the power grid and then shut for planned maintenance, ending hopes that an industry that until three years ago provided 30% of the electricity to power the world’s third largest economy would stage a quick recovery

UK retail sales continue to grow but momentum slows – CBI

Retailers saw sales volumes continue to strengthen on a year ago in the first half of February, although the pace of growth slowed once again, the CBI said. The CBI’s latest quarterly Distributive Trades Survey, which covers the first two weeks of February, revealed that 37% of retailers saw an i…