What Mr. Bond is telling the market

There is no shortage of research out there trying to explain the big surprise of the year: the rally in bonds that has dragged the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note down more than 50 basis points to 2.5%.

NO Taper Wrap Up – All the Information

For long weeks, expectations have been building up to the big FOMC decision, that supplied a big drama in financial markets when the Fed surprised and decided not to taper QE. A lot has been written around the event.

Bernanke set to begin Fed’s tapering of QE – but is the US economy ready?

After years of the Fed pumping $85bn a month into financial markets, the strength of the American recovery will be tested As Barack Obama gears up to announce Ben Bernanke’s successor, the Federal Reserve chairman is expected to make the deeply symbolic gesture this week of announcing the beginning of the end of quantitative easing – the drastic depression-busting policy that has led the Fed to pump an extraordinary $85bn (£54bn) a month into financial markets. It will signal the Fed’s belief that the US economy is on the mend, but it could also frighten the markets and hit interest rates